Clubs & Organizations - Darien YMCA, Darien, CT

Project:  Darien YMCA

Location:  Darien, CT

The Darien YMCA  engaged the  A. Pappajohn Company to construct a new 12,000 sf. gymnasium center and renovate their 13,000 sf. entrance, locker room, pool, and wellness center.  The project also included a complete upgrade of their existing mechanical systems which incorporated a new cogeneration power system.  The project also encompassed the full reconfiguration of the YMCA’s parking facilities and landscaped grounds.


All work was completed while the facility was fully occupied and operational.  Special attention was given to phasing schedules, logistical planning, and coordinated efforts with the YMCA in order to continue their normal day-to-day operations, programs, and special events during construction

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